12 Ways to Promote Fiverr Gigs for More Sells

Are you a freelancer on Fiverr, seeking ways to promote Fiverr Gigs? If you are reading this article, you may have already created your gigs on Fiverr. Now you are thinking about how to promote gigs to get customers & get more sales. When you find yourself with a multitude of options, feeling a bit confused about which will be the most appropriate promotion for your gig.

Launching to sell services as a freelancer on the Internet is easy. Yes, it’s very, very easy and anyone can do it. You have to register on Fiverr, put your services and wait. And wait. And wait. Because nobody will ever hire you.

Launching to sell services is easy, but getting positioned as a freelance and selling your services day after day is difficult. That is the real challenge. Many of our Fiverr gig sellers look for ways to promote their gigs. They have doubts about how to publicize their services, get sales automatically.

Do you have these same problems want to how to promote gigs? Do you want to position yourself as a freelance and have clients come to you?

Then, this post is going to come as a glove. I’ll tell you how you can get positioned in 12 steps to promote fiverr gigs. Keep reading. Because you cannot start your journey without taking the first step: read this article to get ideas how to promote gigs!

1. Use social networks

Use social networks to make yourself known. Social networks can enable you to achieve several different goals: to make you recognize by your current customers, to introduce you to new customers, to disseminate the offers and products or services that you sell. You must have personal pages or companies in LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook, Google+, Disqus. Learn to know how to use them, but also to use the social media of others. There are some things you need to know about not getting banned from the pages you use.

2. Facebook Paid Campaign

Conduct advertising campaigns on Facebook is the cheapest and most profitable social network currently according to the majority of digital marketers. Start trying with small budgets of a few dollars, you will learn to target and measure the results.

3. Paid Adwords Campaign

Organize targeted campaigns through paid Adwords in major search engines, ie Google and Bing. You can start with a small budget to familiarize yourself with the tool. More and more marketers believe that it pays to be visible to a search engine rather than on a poster or in a magazine, moreover, it can be cheaper.

4. Launch the online platform + Blog

You need a website to show who you are, what you do and for whom, but also to complete it with a blog that helps generate qualified traffic to your website and that can later become customers. Your goal is to grow your visibility and audience more and more.

With this, I want to tell you that it is essential to kill the intermediary and have your own platform for selling your services and that is why the freelance Marketplace is not worth you.

5. Fiverr official Forum

Using the Fiverr official Forum is an effective way to promote your profile. Here you can post your concept, ask questions, share your gigs link and so on.

6. Use Linkedin

Linkedin is now becoming an essential networking tool for businesses of any size and any sector. On Linkedin, one of my recommendations if you have identified a person and you want to connect with them is to try to personalize your contact request to the maximum and not send a generic message.

Once you have established contact with this person, you can look at the groups in which you take part and you can join these groups to participate in the conversations generated there, trying to add value.

Better 1 good contact a week than 100 in a day with a mass mailing. Actually, bet on the quality of your contacts and try to be very selective at the time of choosing them.

7. Use Twitter

You can apply this same strategy to Twitter. If you can not get critical mass, try to be very selective with the people you are going to follow, do not focus on the volume and search for a large number of followers but rather to add relevant people and engage in conversations with them.

Use the lists to lower entropy and allow you to communicate more effectively.

One of the things you could do is to retweet the posts that these people post on their own blog and try to add value when appropriate.

If you have not yet launched on Twitter, take a look at this free Twitter course for freelancers. It is a good way to start with this social network.

8. Invest in video

The tendency among companies to use this type of format to promote themselves continues to grow. Moreover, it is predicted that in 2018, 79% of Internet traffic will be stored by videos.

The incorporation of video into your marketing strategies is very effective in connecting your business with consumers and the target audience.

9. Use Instagram to promote your gig

Instagram is the social trend of the moment. A huge number of people use this beautiful platform every day and no, it’s not just to tell their life or publish their selfies by adding a filter. We explain everything about what this great tool can bring to your business.

10. Participate in Forums

The tool of the forums is very useful for promoting your Fiverr Gigs. Korea, Yahoo Answer is an example of a Forum. Find pages that have discussion forums about your sector and comment. Ask questions and answer others that are made always leaving a signature, for example, a web address of your store.

11. Promote in Directories

There are different directories on the Internet totally free where you can advertise. It’s as easy as performing a search on Google with the words “company directories”, for example, and you’ll get endless results to advertise.

12. Guest posting:

If you are a content writer this is so easy for you. Look for someone in your sector who has 50,000 and offer to write a blog post. But not in any way. Gain your confidence, comment on your blog, share your tickets and approach him little by little to finally give him an irrevocable proposal. There are more ways to do it, but with good guest posts, an optimal presence in social networks and some advertising in them you will have constant visits. This traffic, together with organic traffic, will be what will gradually position you as a benchmark.

If you have an idea about guest posting and you are a writer, you have a good chance to do it by yourself. Or you can contact the other seller who is providing this service and suggest them to mention your gig. In this way, you will generate 100% qualified traffic from your sector and ready to buy.

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