The Definitive Guide to Becoming an Exceptional Guest Poster

While most people consider guest blogging to be one of the most successful Internet marketing tactics available currently, there are people who argue that the concept has been largely misinterpreted, and rightly so. Most people are yet to grasp the real worth of guest blogging and only view it as a means of link building. Due to this mindset, these kinds of bloggers tend to produce low-quality content and submit it to the host blogs, which eventually does not work out for them because nobody is interested in junk content.

This article aims at exploring guest blogging expansively, including tips on how to set up a guest blog and whether or not guest blogging actually works.

Tips on becoming an exceptional guest poster

The success of guest blogging is determined by numerous factors. Simple things such as the host blog you choose can determine how successful you are going to be in the long run. Before you venture into guest blogging, you need to understand that it is both a relationship building tool and a link building tool. Guest blogging performs both these tasks simultaneously, attempting to use it for only one of this purposes will result in failure. In simple terms, guest blogging is not a mere link building tool! Below are some guest posting guidelines that are bound to make you stand out from other guest bloggers.

  1. Adhere to the host blogs guidelines

You need to ensure that your guest post is in line with the guidelines provided by the host blog, otherwise, it might not even get posted! While this may sound obvious, it is still important to highlight it because from time to time we are bound to neglect the guidelines or assume we know what they contain. Also, remember that guest blogging is a relationship building tool and so should the host blogger request you to make some corrections on your piece, ensure you do so.

  1. Interesting original content

Perhaps this is the most important tip of them all. Remember you are trying to create a relationship not only with other experts in your field but also with your target audience. You can only do this if you have original mind-blowing content. While it might be tempting to submit average articles for your guest posts and reserve your best work for your own blog, remember that this content is meant to get people interested in your blog too. It goes without saying that substandard and stale content will not create traffic for your blog.

  1. Work on your proposal

Remember that most host blogs receive dozens of proposals in a day. Just like a job application, you need to ensure that your proposal stands out if you want to get picked.

  1. Work with the host’s target audience in mind

How do you do this? By doing your homework. Read other articles on the host blog and even insert hyperlinks to them in your article. Basically, always remember that you are writing for the host’s audience despite wanting the article to work in your favor too. Zig Ziglar is famously quoted as saying help people get what they want and you will get what you want’. Employ this concept. At the end of the day, if your content is exceptional, readers are always going to be interested in finding out if there’s more where that came from.

  1. A strong call to action

This goes without saying, ensure your call to action is extremely attractive. This will not only urge readers to click on the link to your blog, but it will also encourage them to share your article. Basically, end your post with a bang.

  1. Slowly but surely

As a new blogger, you might not want to start by submitting a proposal to the most popular blogs. Start with the smaller blogs and gradually work your way to the top. As you grow, you will immerse invaluable blogging knowledge and tips. However, even with the smaller blogs ensure your content is original and interesting.

  1. Share your post

Everywhere. Share your post everywhere. This means promoting it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, GooglePlus, Pinterest and any other social media sites you have subscribed too. This will create more traffic to both your blog and the host blog. It will also make you a valuable asset to the host blog and increase your chances of being asked back.

8.Subscribe to your post’s comments

This will not only help keep you posted on the reader’s perception of your article but will also help keep the conversation flowing. You can be able to address any queries in the comments section.

Does guest blogging work?

Four years ago, Google’s Matt Cutt declared guest blogging dead, specifically when it comes to SEO. Regardless of the fact that he spoke specifically in regard to SEO, his words sent marketers and bloggers alike in a frenzy, wondering whether the tool was still viable as a link and credibility building tool. However, both marketers and bloggers have come to realize that guest blogging is far from done.

However, it is important to note that blogging has evolved intensely over the past few years, especially with the growing popularity of social media. Social media has impacted the way people access information in a great way. Chances are, for your guest posts to be influential, you need to accompany them with good social media promotions.

Additionally, in the past, guest bloggers would spam their guest posts with numerous keywords. While this helped them show up in search results, the guest posts were complete junk and not worth reading. Today, quality is of great importance even when it comes to SEO. In fact, if your guest post is shoddy, chances are you will not receive any traffic at all. The main mistake that bloggers and marketers were making is writing for search engines, as opposed to writing for people.

In conclusion, while it definitely takes more work, time, and effort to create a guest post now, the work does not go unrecognized. Provided you create a high-quality guest post, you are most definitely going to get results. A quick look at the benefits of guest blogging outlined above will also reveal that it actually does work, and incredibly so. This means that anyone who has been discouraged from guest blogging in the past should definitely try it out for themselves.

Basically, despite the fact that guest blogging involves addressing a new audience, one should not get distracted from the main purpose of doing it. Your main goal when guest blogging should be to enhance your authority in your niche, make yourself known to a new audience and develop a relationship with both the audience and other bloggers in your field. Provided you always keep this in mind, and create quality content, you’re bound to enjoy the endless benefits of guest blogging.

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