How to Launch a New Website as Like a Professional

Launching a new website is exciting. Whether it’s your own start-up business or one of your customers. How to launch a new website is a big question. Your website is almost ready and you really want to click the “publish” button. But before your site is online, it’s a good idea to take a moment and make sure everything is in perfect condition. First impressions are important, and you’ll want to be sure they will not be rejected.

Follow these guidelines on how to launch a new website. Thus, your release will be one worthy of acclaim and applause.

Choose the right web template

You can start by choosing the web template that best suits your needs. There are many customizable template collections to choose, so you will not have a few options. If you find one that you really like, but you are not sure if a certain element of it works for your own site, do not worry: You can change all the colors, elements and more to customize the template in question. We suggest that you choose a template that has been configured in a way that best suits your needs and has a design that does not require a thorough review to proceed with the customization of elements.

Customize everything according to your brand personality

Once you have your template, it’s time to make it yours! Throw the house out the window by customizing your template to make it unique for your business and your brand by adding your own photos, fonts, logos, color palette and more. We suggest you pay special attention to the layout or layout (make sure it is clean and does not distract visitors) and navigation (your site should not have to come with a map like the malls). Check everything carefully and check everything on repeated opportunities: broken links and other web design mistakes that can seriously damage the professional presence of your site.

If certain aspects of your site are not yet ready, you can hide them or simply be honest about it by placing a “coming” message. Once you’ve said this, however, make sure that “soon” does not become an “early 2027”.

Get feedback before posting your site

If you were working on your new website on your own, it is important to get a new pair of eyes to look at it and give you their opinion. With the new Get Feedback feature, your close friends, family, and co-workers can find problem spots that you might not have noticed. Do not be shy! Ask people to take a look and encourage them to be honest with their opinions!

Upgrade and reach the top

If you want to deliver a flawless image, what you should do is professionalize yourself completely by acquiring some of the premium plans. This update not only gives you more storage space and bandwidth, but also allows you to connect your own custom domain and some other significant details such as a custom favicon. Plus, with Google Analytics access, you’ll be able to see your entire site’s performance statistics; a great source of valuable information for any website. See more details on premium plans here.

After your site is online

Very good! You published your web page! Your site is now live for the whole web and for everyone to see it. And now what, you’re wondering.

Make flawless use of social networking

While this may be obvious to some, it is still very important that you write down your official list of steps to follow. Discover what social networks your audience is in and make a real effort to be permanently active in them. Let the message become viral with your different publications and shout to the world that your website is online and open for business! This article from our Blog can help you have the clearest movie.

Use ShoutOut

Tell the world that your new site is online by sending beautiful newsletters and newsletters via email. This new feature of is the perfect complement to the launch of any website, and remains a great tool throughout the life cycle of your business and your website. Every time you have an update, big or small, use ShoutOut to make it known.

Now you have the floor. How do you plan to publicize your website once online?

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