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About CEO of Global Blogstar

Suvangkor Chakma, CEO of Global Blogstar, born in Rangamati, Bangladesh. He holds an MA. degree in English Language & Literature. After finishing his graduation in 2014 he took blogging carrier as his livelihood.

Suvangkor, has been working on,, & as an SEO Expert since he started his carrier. As a professional blogger & SEO expert, he is helping many people and companies to improve their Brand awareness, to expose brand or blog to a large audience, drive huge traffic for business & get desire ranking on Google.

With many years of experience in SEO & Internet Marketing field, Suvangkor has been on both ends of the course of setting up a successful online business.

How Global Blogstar Helps You?

Global Blogstar, is an online marketing tips blog where focus on various aspects of online marketing tips & tricks, digital marketing tips for beginners, social media marketing tips, SEO tips & related to the online marketing. We are passionate about sharing knowledge as well as helping business owners who want to expose their brand or blog to a large audience, drive huge traffic for business online & get desire ranking on Google. Business owner’s do not have the time to manage their online marketing efforts. That is why we offer a full incubation online marketing management service for the business owners.

Future Plans: -

We are determined to assist entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates harness the power of the internet, to drive targeted traffic through our strategies. We believe that our strategies will equip you to convert potential customers and get them coming back towards your online campaigns. Creating that return on investment using our online strategies.

Existing Operational Strategies: -

Our professional team assist with management to select clientele. We have found that working closely in this manner allows our team to be at the top of their game, and add value to each of our clients who want to harness the power of the internet.

Stay tuned to our blogs where we share tips and tricks on how to harness the power of the internet.

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