What is Guest Blogging?

Most shrewd bloggers are familiar with the term guest blogging, which basically alludes to creating content for another person’s blog. Guest blogging creates a great platform for guest bloggers to establish themselves as experts in their market, as well as create traffic to their individual blogs. It also provides new bloggers with an opportunity to network with other bloggers and experts within their field.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Besides relationship building and link building, guest blogging has tones of benefits, both to the host blogger and guest blogger.

  1. The host blog gets fresh content

Readers are always looking for new and exciting content, and what better way to get this through a guest blog. The guest blogger introduces a new voice’ to the host blog that readers are not used to, therefore breaking the monotony and creating some excitement.

  1. Exposure to target audience/traffic

Provided the guest blogger created quality content, they can be assured of receiving traffic from his target audience, even if they have not provided a link to their website. Generally, traffic is considered the lifeblood of any blog. Additionally, guest blogging exposes bloggers to quality traffic. This means that the people visiting your site are genuinely interested in its content and will spend some time on it, as exposed to traffic generated from social media sites where at times a reader spends an average of 4 seconds on your blog before exiting.

  1. Helps widen your subscriber base

It is quite possible that most of the people drawn into your site through a guest post may end up becoming subscribers. A subscriber list is crucial to any blogger because it helps you reach an audience that is already intrigued by your content. However, you need to remember that readers need a reason to subscribe to your blog. The only reason you can give them is by providing them with exceptional content. While the guest blog might serve a bridge to direct readers to your site, your content is what is going to make them subscribers, hence sustaining them.

  1. Fine-tune your writing skills

The phrase practice makes perfect’ can be applied here. Basically, guest blogging provides new bloggers with a platform on which they can improve their writing skills and pick up new tips and strategies along the way. From the editing corrections provided by the host blogger to the feedback in the comments section, there is no better way to improve, practice and gauge your writing skills than through guest blogging. The skills acquired from guest blogging can then be translated into one’s original blog.

  1. Stimulates social media growth

Guest blogging creates a snowball effect. When your guest blog articles get shared and mentioned a lot on social media sites, your profile gradually grows. In no time, you could find your brand featuring in the suggestions’ and who to follow’ lists on most platforms, which is, in turn, translated to more traffic for your site.

  1. Networking Platform

If you have been finding it hard to connect with other bloggers and influencers, then guest blogging might just be the solution you are looking for. You can use guest blogging to immensely expand your network. For instance, some host blogs have created online communities composed of contributors in a particular field. These communities provide guest bloggers, who are essentially also contributors with a platform to learn, network or even collaborate with other bloggers.

  1. Helps enhance credibility

When it comes to blogging, credibility is just as important as authority. It’s not enough to just know what you are talking about, people need to trust your brand. Guest blogging helps enhance credibility in the sense that the sites you post on are already trusted brands in the industry. Additionally, the owner of the host blog has to approve of your content first, and this gives most readers a sense of security, seeing as they already trust the host site. This, therefore, means that you have to ensure you not only have good content but that your content is unique and original. By associating your brand with credible blogs, you garner trust from your target audience.

  1. Helps advance your authority

All bloggers can attest to the fact that it takes quite some time before one becomes an authority or gains respect in whatever field they write on. Some bloggers even took years to be regarded as an authority in their fields. Guest blogging helps shorten the time period you have to wait to not only amass a following but also to be regarded as an expert. It’s simple, once your brand is seen in some of the top bloggers’ blogs in your field, readers will be inclined to give you the same amount of respect they give to those top bloggers. Remember however that this effect is not automatic, your content has to be just as good as those who are considered an authority in your field for you to receive similar respect.

  1. Develop Domain and Search Engine Authority

Most bloggers will attest to the fact that guest blogging is a sure and easy way to build your blog’s domain and search engine authority.

  1. Helps builds your backlinks

This is another great advantage of guest blogging. By building quality backlinks, your blog will perform better in search engine results. This is because the algorithms employed in most search engines,for example, Google place a lot of value on quality backlinks. You however need to ensure that your backlinks are relevant. Both ends of the backlink should provide similar information in terms of context. You might not be successful if you backlink from a cooking blog yet your own blog deals with real estate. Search engines place value only on relevant backlinks.

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